Posted by: Titus Presler | February 11, 2011

Chandlers rejoice at transition in Egypt

Today’s transition in Egypt has prompted rejoicing from the Rev. Paul-Gordon and Lynne Chandler, Episcopal missioners in the country who left temporarily some days ago at the suggestion of the Episcopal Church.  Their identification with the Egyptian people is clear in their letter sent out today, as is their sharing in the hopes and fears that have moved like waves through the popular revolution in the last 18 days.  Equally striking is how they interpret these events theologically.  They praise Christ as the Prince of Peace, not exactly attributing the movement to God’s action but certainly seeing the movement, especially in its peaceful aspect, as lifting up God’s way of working in the world.  The nonviolence of Tolstoy and Gandhi are highlighted as examples who have been followed.  We commend the Chandlers as an example of mission workers skillfully and faithfully navigating currents of crisis and join them in the jubilation.  Their letter follows:

Dear friends, the miraculous still happens today!  Amazing…the Egyptian people have shown the world the way…..peacefully.  Gandhi and Tolstoy and their nonviolence approach still leads the way.  We all need Egyptian flags to wave!

Our church community hopes to be able to reunite in Cairo soon…coming from all over the world!  Please lift a glass and toast to the Prince of Peace and God’s goodness….for  prayers have been answered.

A special moment and what a privilege to have a relationship with Egypt!  Mabrouk (“Congratulations” in Arabic) to Egypt!  We will send out an update soon.  Thanks for all your prayers and support.

Thanks be to God – Alhamdulillah!
Paul-Gordon and Lynne Chandler

Rev. Canon Paul-Gordon Chandler
St. John’s Church / Maadi
Cairo, Egypt <> <> <>

The Chandlers’ focus on non-violence resonates with President Obama’s comments this afternoon on the Egyptian transition: “The moral force of non-violence bent the arc of history toward justice once again.”

In a letter sent out yesterday, before Hosni Mubarak resigned, Paul-Gordon said he expected to return to Egypt next week. 

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