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This blog is a convening place for commentary and discussion of mission.  Topics include ecumenical mission theology, mission in higher education, congregational mission, mission in theological education, mission developments in the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion, issues in the current Anglican crisis, inter-religious relations, mission leaders, mission in the news, mission in liturgy, mission in the arts.  In short, the works!  Please let me know if you’re interested in particular topics that need commentary.

I welcome your e-mails, but I especially welcome your comments entered on the blog, for that is how we can get discussion underway.

Currently I am Principal of Edwardes College, a church-sponsored undergraduate and graduate institution in Peshawar, Pakistan.  As a mission activist in the Episcopal Church, I have mission experience in Zimbabwe, where I pastored the rural Bonda Church District; India, where I was born and grew up, in Jabalpur and Mussoorie; and various settings in the USA, most relevantly in inner-city Cambridge, Massachusetts, where I was rector of St. Peter’s Church.  Past chair of the Standing Commission on World Mission and active in the Episcopal Partnership for Global Mission, I’ve taught mission studies at General Seminary, where I was academic dean; the Seminary of the Southwest, where I was president, Episcopal Divinity School, and Gaul Theological College in Harare – and preaching at Harvard Divinity School.  More information and a list of publications are available at my website – which, however, has not been updated for quite awhile.

Going Global with God: Reconciling Mission in a World of Difference, my most recent book, is out from  from Morehouse, an imprint of Church Publishing, New York.  An article, “Mission is Ministry in the Dimension of Difference: A Definition for the 21st Century,” appeared in the October 2010 issue of International Bulletin of Missionary Research.  Just out is a chapter, “The History of Mission in the Anglican Communion,” in The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to the Anglican Communion.  I was a consultant for Continuing Indaba, the Listening Process of the Anglican Communion, for which I organized consultations in Delhi, Barbados and Virginia.  In April 2011 I concluded two years as Interim Pastor of the Church of St. Simon the Cyrenian in New Rochelle, New York.

I change the blog header picture from time to time.  The current picture is of the Shalimar Court at Edwardes College, Peshawar.  The personal picture above is taken in Cape Town, South Africa, on the morning of a meeting my wife Jane and I had with Desmond Tutu.



  1. It’s inspiring to read about you, Dr Rev Presler. You were our priest at Bonda Mission in 1985, and you are a friend to my father, Beaven Tsinakwadi, a subdeacon at St George’s Church Sadziwa. You once shoot us a video on the death of Jesus Christ, in which I was Simon of Cyrene. By then I was doing Grade 7 at Bonda Primary School. I am Kuziwa Michael Tsinakwadi, now teaching Divinity and History at Bonda Girls High School. Thanks for your concern at a time when when the Anglican Church in Zimbabwe was facing persecution from the renegade bishops. We hope you will visit us one of these days.

    • This is a wonderful note to get from you, Kuziwa! Truly from generation to generation we support one another in faith! Please give my greetings to your father, who is such a warm and welcoming person and minister of God, always trekking quite far from Chirarwe, where I once visited their home, to get to St. George’s. I enjoyed our times in that church and the work with both your father and the late catechist Sylvester Gorogodo. I believe the first pungwe that either my wife or I attended was one she went to with the Bonda Mothers Union at St. George’s – the first of scores and scores of them over the years. Not knowing much yet about pungwe, I was worried when she did not return all through the night and only appeared in the morning, and then she told me that she had never been crowded with so many people for such a long time in her life – there were probably upwards of 1,000 people at that pungwe! When you mention the passion play I think you have in mind the excellent composition “Mazuva okuPedzisa” [The Last Days] by Abraham Maraire, truly one of the most moving depictions of the Passion that anyone in our family has witnessed, and for years afterwards we sang such numbers as “Aiwa Zuva-owe” as a family. Maybe you can organize a performance for next year. And now you are teaching Divinity as well as History at Bonda Girls High School – congratulations / makorokoto in Shona / shabash in Urdu! Ndinofara chaizvo kuti makandinyorera. Ndapota mukwazise Baba wenyu pamwe neMai neshamwari dzedu dzese wari kuSaDziwa nokuChirarwe nokuBonda nokuBonda High School. Ndichiri kudisa vaKristu veBonda Church District uye tichadzoka rime gore. Isita yakanaka kwamuri! Ngarifambe Vangeri! MunaKristu, Titus

      • Dear Rev Dr Pastor

        Greetings from the Bonda and Sadziwa Christians. Amen

        I talked about you to most people whom I thought knew you, and they confessed that they are still moved by your word of the eighties and especially the song “Ngariende Vhangeri.” They all wish you can pay us a visit again. I will sent you pictures and videos soon.

        Tsinakwadi Kuziwa Michael


      • Mazviita chaizvo nokuti makandinyorerazve! Ndapota musimbise shamwari dzangu dzese. Ndinovaminamatiro zuva nezuva. MunaKristu, Titus

  2. Hello, Titus, and hello also to Jane. I follow Titus on Mission with attention. You may wish to see my http://www.tohearthefalconer.net and maybe also on YouTube my “Spiritual but not religious. . . .” Blessings to you both for this season and the New Year, and may your good works continue through the months ahead.

    • Dear Howard: So good to hear from you, and how I treasure the work we did together in connection with Jubilee 2000 and the DioMass Jubilee Committee! Jane joins me in greeting you warmly. Would be lovely to see you sometime. Blessings, Titus

  3. Thanks very much for your work. This is my first visit here!

  4. Greetings Titus! Good to see your blog. I was buying The Last Resort: A Memoir of Zimbabwe, by Douglas Rogers for my library and I thought of you. So that’s how I found your blog. Also bought Echo and other Elephants DVD for the library and have been watching it (BBC documentary of elephants in Kenya’s Amboseli National Park.) Very good.

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