Posted by: Titus Presler | May 27, 2016

Episcopal News Service story: ‘Reconciliation at heart of Pakistani Christian response to persecution’

Episcopal News Service has just published a good article by Matthew Davies on how Pakistani Christians have responded to persecution, most notably the Easter Sunday suicide attack that targeted Christians celebrating in a park after church in Lahore.  Access the article here.

Especially heartening is the fact that more Episcopalians are not only expressing concern about the situation of Christians in Pakistan, but some are actually engaging with the Church of Pakistan, always a challenge in light of the climate of danger and violence in the country.

Davies highlights the visit to the Diocese of Raiwind by Caroline Carson, a parish music director from the Diocese of Louisiana, and the visit to the Diocese of Peshawar by Canon Patrick Augustine, a Pakistani-American rector in Wisconsin who has long advocated on behalf of Pakistan’s beleaguered Christians.  Also noted is the delegation from the Diocese of Los Angeles that participated in the reconciliation conference in Lahore that was sponsored by the Church of Pakistan in March of this year.

Related items include:

  • A reflection on the Lahore bombing in light of the reconciliation conference in Lahore.
  • A report on the reconciliation conference in Lahore.
  • A reflection on the centrality of reconciliation in mission today.



  1. I just read the article in ENS. It is powerful and comprehensive. Do read it. Then pray.

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