Posted by: Titus Presler | September 25, 2013

Edwardes College to hold Peace Rally on Sept 26 in wake of All Saints’ bombing

From the Edwardes College website:

As Edwardes College reopens after three days of mourning and solidarity with the Christian community after the bombing at All Saints’ Church, Kohati Gate, on Sunday, Sept 22, a Peace Rally is being planned for the College community on Thursday, Sept 26.

The non-political event will be an opportunity for the College to honor those from its own community who were killed or injured in the attack, reflect on the need for interfaith harmony in Peshawar and Pakistan, and launch a fundraising appeal for the affected Edwardes families.

In the attack three students, all women, were killed: Merab Naeem, Merab William, and Shiza Riaz. Two alumni were killed, both in the same family, which also included student Merab William: William Ghulam and Noel Ghulam. Two alumni were injured: Asher Ashkar Gohar and Sherjeel Waheed.

The Peace Rally will take place at 11am on the central athletic ground of the campus and will last for about an hour. Organizers of the event include Assoc Prof Alwin Edwin, Head of the English Department; Asst Prof Sardar Sabir Hussain, Head of the Islamiyat Department; and members of the Management Team.

Various speakers are expected, including the Rev Joseph John, presbyter-in-charge at St John’s Cathedral; Bishop Humphrey Sarfaraz Peters, if his schedule permits; and leaders of other religious communities. A Memory Corner will feature pictures of the deceased, with flowers. In honor of alumnus Noel Ghulam, a medical student at Khyber Medical University, a delegation from that institution is planning to attend, as are physicians from Lady Reading Hospital.

The Edwardes College Compassion Appeal will be an opportunity for Edwardes students, staff and faculty to assist the families of those killed or injured, with priority given to those of the Edwardes College community. The effort is being co-chaired by Assoc Prof Edwin and Assoc Prof Javed Hayat Asif, Head of the Chemistry Department. Details of how money can be contributed will be announced at the rally.

In other news, today a memorial service is being held at St. John’s Cathedral in Peshawar with the support of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government.  Several thousand people are in attendance.  Dignitaries include bishops of the Church of Pakistan, leaders of other Christian denominations, leaders of the Muslim, Sikh and Hindu communities, and several government ministers.


  1. Will there be a way for friends from around the world to contribute to the fund for the Edwardes families?

    • Thank you for the question, Elizabeth, and thank you for the impulse of generosity. Yes, there is a way: through the British Schools and Universities Foundation (BSUF), which is a USA-based tax-deductible organization set up in the 1960’s specifically to facilitate tax-deductible donations to schools and universities located in Commonwealth countries.

      Cheques should be made out to British Schools and Universities Foundation (or BSUF). Memo line in this case should read: “Edwardes College Peshawar: Compassion Appeal.” Your cheque should then be mailed to BSUF at: 575 Madison Ave, Suite 1006, New York, NY 10022-2511. The foundation will then pass on the donation to Edwardes for the Compassion Appeal.

      The announcement of this conduit appeared recently on the Edwardes College website, and you’ll find it here:

      Again, thanks for your generosity.

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