Posted by: Titus Presler | October 22, 2012

Good news in Zimbabwe Anglican struggle – but prayer & advocacy still needed

It seems that there is finally good news in the long-running and difficult siege that the Diocese of Harare and Diocese of Manicaland – the two Anglican dioceses in Harare that are part of the Church of the Province of Central Africa – have been enduring from Norbert Kunonga and Elson Jakazi, the two renegade bishops who for half a decade have been seizing church property and setting themselves up as rivals of the authorized church.

Bp. Chad Gandiya of Harare reports below that the Supreme Court hearing went well.  Evidently Manicaland Diocese’s claims were affirmed in some final way, while Harare Diocese must wait up to three months for the justices to frame their decision.  This is encouraging.  However, in the Manicaland case we know that in Zimbabwe central government interference can force a slip twixt writ and implementation.  In the Harare case it is possible that central government pressure will be exerted on the justices in the framing of their decision.

So prayer and advocacy are still very much in order from all in the Anglican Communion.

Here is Chad’s note, received today:

Dear friends,
Warm greetings from very hot Harare!
I want to thank you all very much for your prayers. Our Supreme Court hearing took place this morning from 9.30 to close to 13.00hrs and finished all the matters. Most of the Kunonga appeals including that of Manicaland were thrown out. So for Manicaland we go back to Justice Bhunu’s judgement which was in our favour (congratulations to bishop Julius!). The Harare matter was heard and the judges reserved judgement. They will notify us in due course (within 3 months I am told) their judgement. I am very pleased that its over so quickly. It went very well and we are happy the way it went. This does not mean you stop praying – please continue to pray as the judges write down their judgement. The end is in sight now  – Praise God! Please share with friends.
Yours sincerely,

The Rt. Rev’d Dr. Chad N. Gandiya
Diocese of Harare CPCA
9 Monmouth Road
Harare. Zimbabwe
Tel. +263 4 308042
Web: <>

Mukristu Usanete: Namata Urinde! Christian seek not yet repose: Watch and Pray!


  1. Glory to the son of God. Mukristu usanete [Christian, do not tire].

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