Posted by: Titus Presler | September 2, 2011

Testimony time: Two blessings in missional prayer

It is a blessing when prayer arises involuntarily within oneself, and in returning to Peshawar this week that has happened twice in ways that have confirmed my awareness of a call to this mission venture in education at Edwardes College.

The first was expressed in the language of an earlier mission call.  On Monday, the day I flew from Boston en route to Pakistan, I woke up with a Shona chorus from Zimbabwe going through my mind and heart.  It’s the refrain of a commonly sung hymn, and the words of the refrain are: Ndakadaidzwa kuti ndiuye, zvino ndauya, zvino ndauya.  Ndakadaidzwa kuti ndiuye, zvino ndauya, zvino ndauya – “I was called to come, now I have come. “

Shona hymns and choruses are never far from the consciousness of Jane and me, for their rhythms, tunes and lyrics have played a compelling part in our lives for close to thirty years.  This particular hymn, though familiar, is not one that I’ve habitually used, so I was surprised that there it was as I came to consciousness from sleep.  Yet immediately I recognized it for what it was, my prayer of awareness of God’s call in this venture and my response to it: I’ve been called to come, so now I come.  I felt joy and freedom in that recognition, and the chorus has recurred in my inner music since.

Then, in the wee hours of Thursday, as I settled into a seat on the Pakistan International Airways flight from Dubai to Peshawar and then leaned back for a nap, up came another involuntary prayer: “Lord, I feel so blessed in being here!”  And indeed I do.  There are lots of rationales for this work, but they are not centerstage.  Rather the awareness of blessing is located in the inner peace that has attended my undertaking this work, “the peace that passes all understanding.”  It is certainly buttressed by various understandings, but it comes from beyond them, or beneath them, or above them.

From God.  And that is everything.



  1. Dear Titus, Thank you so much for sharing this. It touched me very deeply. I don’t remember the particular Shona hymn, yet reading the Shona was a strong reminder of a special time. You and your mission are in my prayers.
    Peace and Joy, Lois

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