Posted by: Titus Presler | August 16, 2011

Harare Anglican clergy served with eviction notices

In the escalating crisis over church properties in the Anglican Diocese of Harare, Bp. Chad Gandiya reported yesterday that clergy living in rectories have begun receiving eviction notices from personnel sent by the renegade bishop Nolbert Kunonga. 

This latest turn of events was prompted by a court ruling that awarded the properties of the diocese to Kunonga despite the fact that he is no longer recognized by the Anglican Communion as having jurisdiction in Zimbabwe or in the Church of the Province of Central Africa, the Anglican province that includes Botswana, Malawi and Zambia as well as Zimbabwe.  The conflict stems from the 2007 effort of Kunonga, former bishop of Harare, to withdraw the diocese from the province, purportedly on account of the issue of homosexuality, to which the province responded by ruling that he had withdrawn from the legitimate Anglican Church and declaring the see vacant.  This ultimately led to the election of Chad Gandiya as bishop of the diocese in 2009.

Bp. Gandiya’s circular follows:

Dear Friends,

Following my email early this evening – I now know that all our priests who were still in parish rectories have received stamped latest court judgement delivered by Kunonga’s people, and in one incident they were in the company of the police. They told our priests to move out. Our parishes are busy finding alternative accommodation for them. We don’t know who he [Kunonga] is going to put in these houses. This is not going to be easy at all [for the evicted clergy]. It will disrupt their family life and ministry. I have been busy this evening getting in touch with my priests who are affected and encouraging them. They will meet with our registrar and diocesan secretary first thing this morning for a briefing. I can’t be present because of a prior committment in a rural mission district for a confirmation service.

They went to Bishop Gaul College [the provincial CPCA seminary, located in Harare] and served the same papers to our principal Friar Joshua. They padlocked the library before they left. I am very concerned about the college because our ordinands are coming back next week for their first semester and we had a full college this year. The college is not a Diocese of Harare institution but belongs to all five dioceses and indeed to the province. Our registrar is going to try and bring that to the attention of the authorities later on this morning. I am concerned about our library too. If we lose the books we have that will take us back many years.

Kunonga was given custodianship of CPCA properties when he is no longer a member of our church and province, and he is now evicting CPCA priests, and we don’t know who he is going to put in these houses – certainly not CPCA people! God help us.


The Rt. Rev’d Dr. Chad N. Gandiya
Diocese of Harare CPCA
9 Monmouth Road



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  2. It is said that those whom the devil wants to destroy are lifted high first so that the fall – when it comes – is greater. Kunonga is now basking in the success created by man. How long will he sustain it? For what does it gain for Kunonga to own all properties of the Church in Harare and lose his soul? We continue to pray for Bishop Chad. Christ will manifest Himself, and Kunonga will then know that our God is indeed God. I offered a special prayer during this morning’s (17.8.11) mass at All Saints Cathedral, Nairobi.
    Fr Enoch Opuka

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