Posted by: Titus Presler | February 7, 2011

Encouraging Muslim-Christian amity amid Egyptian turmoil

Amid the current turmoil in Egypt and in the wake of recent violence there against churches, it was encouraging to hear in a BBC broadcast on Sunday, Feb. 6, that there was striking concord between Muslims and Christians gathered in Tahrir Square.

Reporter Jim Muir noted what he called “fraternity” between Muslims and Christians in the square.  A liturgy had been held at a church on the square for those considered to be martyrs in the pro-democracy movement, and Muslims had participated freely in it.

Muir interviewed a group of women wearing pendants that included both cross and crescent.  The women stated their view that the pro-democracy movement was unrelated to religious loyalties or rivalries.

The BBC report concurs with a separate personal report from a Christian worker in Alexandria, who has said that over the past two weeks churches there were left untouched by violence despite the absence of security personnel guarding them.


  1. This is indeed as it should be. Let people be free to practice their faith in the way the deem best for them without interference.

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