Posted by: Titus Presler | November 20, 2010

Ross Kane offers good advice for grassroots mission engagement

A recent electronic issue of Duke Divinity School’s Faith and Leadership features an excellent and brief reflection by Ross Kane on the gifts and challenges of grassroots engagement in world mission by congregations and the middle levels of the denominations.  Click here to read the reflection.

Writing out of his recent experience of taking a small group to Sudan from St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Alexandria, Virginia, Ross notes the importance of intentionality, longterm commitment, friendship before funding, and churchwide resourcing for the now widespread engagement by congregations in world mission.  This is the phenomenon I term the democratization of world mission initiative in Going Global with God: Reconciling Mission in a World of Difference.

It was good to sit down with Ross yesterday in Alexandria and discuss his ideas at greater length.  Especially impressive is the longterm commitment St. Paul’s has had for at least 15 years, ever since Daniel Deng Bul did field work at St. Paul’s while studying at Virginia Seminary.  Bul later became bishop of the Diocese of Renk and is now Archbishop of the Episcopal Church of Sudan, very active in trying to ensure an orderly referendum on south Sudan’s future in January, as well as tending to the church’s life.

Ross worked for three years with the New Sudan Council of Churches while serving as as a missionary with the Young Adult Service Corps of the Episcopal Church and is now serving as a priest at St. Paul’s.  You can view his Sudanese work in the Windows on Mission video series on missionaries.

Click here for a recent posting on this blog about issues related to voluntourism and missiotourism.

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