Posted by: Titus Presler | October 14, 2010

Mission highlighted in Nashotah House’s fall “Missioner”

The fall or Michaelmas edition of The Missioner, which bills itself as “The Newsletter of Nashotah House,” one of the 11 accredited seminaries of the Episcopal Church, is remarkable for how mission is highlighted in its 12 pages.

The cover features a photograph of a current Nashotah House student and a 2010 Malawian graduate, visiting with AIDS orphans in the Diocese of Upper Shire, Malawi.  The recent graduate  is teaching at the Leonard Kamungu Theological College in Zomba, a relatively new Anglican foundation.  “Funded in part by a grant from the Evangelical Education Society, their mission to Malawi was to train clergy and lay leaders in the Community of Hope curriculum,” which St. Bartholomew’s Church in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, of which a third team member and alum is rector, has developed to train lay ministers in pastoral care.

A second “The Mission in Mission” article features another student who this past summer served with his family in Honduras as part of a interdenominational and multidimensional mission team.  “We are called to feed and clothe our brothers and sisters.  But the more important thing we do is make sure people are fed the Gospel, and wrapped in the loving arms of God by proclaiming Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior,” Roy Allison, ’12, is quoted as saying.

The third article features the street preaching in Colorado Springs and Madison of Nathaniel Kidd, ’12, who sees his precedents not only in the contemporary evangelical church but also in medieval Dominican practice and the Anglo-Catholic tradition.  “I find myself thinking about the Gospel and the culture, not in merely abstract terms, but also in very practical ones,” he says.

Inside the back cover a recent visitor to Nashotah House reflects on encounters with students and ends up celebrating a missionary family serving with SAMS (the Society of Anglican Missionaries and Senders) in Peru and urging readers to support missionaries.

And inside the front cover Dean Robert Munday concludes his reflection thus: “By God’s grace, 169 years after James Lloyd Breck, William Adams, and John Henry Hobart heeded Bishop Jackson Kemper’s call to come west and found the Mission that is today Nashotah House, we are still forming faithful priests, missionaries of the Gospel to a world that needs the Savior.”  Although not someone with global mission in his own background, Munday has been a passionate supporter of mission and has served on the churchwide Standing Commission on World Mission.

Presumably the potentially mystifying phrase, “The Mission in Mission,” refers not to a theological conundrum but to Nashotah, originally referred to as The Mission, reaching out in mission.

It is encouraging to see a seminary so committed to global mission and promoting it to its constituencies of alums, donors, students,  faculty and the wider church.

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