Posted by: Titus Presler | September 18, 2010

Contents of “Going Global with God: Reconciling Mission in a World of Difference”

Publication of my new book, Going Global with God: Reconciling Mission in a World of Difference, continues to be on track for October, and advance orders can be made at Church Publishing or at Amazon.  For the interested and curious, here is the Table of Contents:

Table of Contents



Part I: What’s Happening Today in Global Mission?

1: A Movement Underway: Mission Ferment in Congregations

Young Adults Abroad: Symbiotic Catalysts for Mission

Mission Giants in Congregations

Regional Activism: Support for Missional Congregations

2: From the Ground Up: Mission Democratized

Democratization of Mission Initiative Today

Mission Management in the Centralized Past

Democratization’s Parallels in the Information Age

Mission Politics in the New Testament

Mission and the Church’s Catholicity

Part II: What Does It Mean to Go Global with God?

3: Sent by God: The Nature of Mission

Jostling for a Mission Focus

What is God Up To?

Sent Across Boundaries to Witness

Mission in Relation to Ministry

4: Ministry in the Dimension of Difference: Mission’s Terrain

Mission Defined by Difference

Difference Embedded in Mission History

Difference in the Century of Self-Criticism

Exploring the Difference Criterion

Biblical Resonance for Grounding Mission in Difference

Difference and Mission in Contemporary Thought

5: Reconciliation: The Direction of God’s Mission

From Alienation to Restoration

Reconciliation in Scripture and Theology

Reconciliation and Diverse Expressions of Mission

Mission and God’s Reconciliation

6: Accompaniment and Companionship: The Mode of Mission Today

Re-thinking the How of Mission

Growing toward Accompaniment and Companionship

Accompaniment as Lived in Mission Today

From Partnership to Companionship

Missional Companionship in the Bible

Accompaniment in Lutheran Reflection

Stories Shared among Friends

Part III: What Challenges Face Mission Today?

7: Networking for Mission: A Challenge in Democratization

Strategic Concern

Communities of Mission Practice: A Presbyterian Approach

Mission Networks: An Episcopal and Anglican Approach

Mission Conferences and Ecumenical Networks

8: Missionary Identity: A Challenge in Being Sent

Five Crises of Mission Awareness

Churches’ Priorities for 21st-century Mission

Companionship in Mission Begins with God

9: Poverty and Wholistic Mission: A Challenge in Difference

A Critique from the Global South

Mission’s Association with Poverty

Poverty in Scripture, Christian History and Theology

Reconciliation, Poverty and Mission

Mission Horizontal and Upward in Scripture and History

Recalibrating the Place of Poverty in Wholistic Mission

10: Churches in Turmoil: A Challenge in Reconciliation

Conflict within Churches

Renewed Awareness of the World Church

Impaired Communion and the Threat to Mission

Addressing Conflict through Accompaniment in Mission

“Be Reconciled”

11: Meeting as Pilgrims: A Challenge in Accompaniment

Strengths and Vulnerabilities of Short-Term Mission

Mutuality and Justice Issues in Short-Term Mission

From Short-Term Mission to Pilgrimage

Mission Pilgrimage in Practice

Part IV: What is a Mission Companion Called to Be?

12: Seven Marks of the Mission Companion

The mission companion is a . . .







Sacrament of Reconciliation

Epilogue: A Longer View

Study Guide

Further Reading



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