Posted by: Titus Presler | August 9, 2010

“Going Global with God” is due out from Morehouse Publishing in October

Going Global with God: Reconciling Mission in a World of Difference, my new book on mission, is due out from Morehouse, an imprint of Church Publishing, in October 2010, and it appears that the publishing schedule is on track.

Designed for a broad audience of mission practitioners, mission agency leaders and students and scholars, the book takes stock of what is happening in the global mission of mainline churches today.  A major feature analyzed is the radical democratization of initiative that is flourishing as congregations and middle levels of the churches get involved in world mission directly, often superseding centralized denominational agencies.

The book then undertakes a fresh articulation of the nature, terrain, direction and mode of Christian mission today, with particular focus on the centrality of difference as a pivotal criterion of mission.  Mission is ministry in the dimension of difference, I propose, and then proceed to show the importance of that criterion in mission’s direction of reconciliation and the emerging mode of companionship in mission today.

The third part of the book addresses the challenges posed by the fresh directions mission is taking.  For instance, as mission proliferates and diversifies through the initiative of individuals and congregations, how can coherence and focus be maintained?  How can churches’ mission be formed strategically for the real needs of the world when so much initiative is relatively spontaneous?  How can deep engagement be nurtured when so many efforts appear to be swamped by the short-term mission phenomenon?

That’s a first glance at the book, and more hints of its content will appear in this blog on an ongoing basis.

Amazon has the book listed on its website, so it can be ordered in advance of publication, evidently at a discount.

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