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Harassment & violence continue in Harare Diocese

Following is the communication received on 9 March 2010 from the Rt. Rev. Chad Gandiya, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Harare, in connection with the continuing disturbances, which appear to involve persons in high places encouraging police to harass the Anglican diocese:

Dear Friends,


Please find attached a weekly update prepared by our information desk. In addition, we encountered problems last Sunday as police prohibited our people from using church buildings. I was due to lead a confirmation service at St. Luke’s Church, Greendale, late Sunday morning in compliance with the Makarawu judgement that was upheld last week by the High Court. Police were there already turning people away. Fortunately, the parish had anticipated police behaviour and had pitched a big tent in the rectory garden. I together with one of the parishioners decided to go to Central police station to find out what was happening and why court ruling wasn’t being obeyed by the police. We were once again told that the “orders from above” had not yet been rescinded. Meanwhile at the church, police (some with guns) had already started driving people out of the rectory garden which annoyed many parishioners. They strongly felt that the police where there to prohibit them from worshiping anywhere. They started demanding that the police produce orders that clearly stated that we could no longer worship. They couldn’t since they did not have them. The service was saved by the intervention of a government minister who confronted the police on our behalf and told them to stop what they were doing since we were not using a church building. How ridiculous the situation has become!!

Two Sundays ago one of our priests was arrested for opening the church building for worship and then released later.

We are appalled by the fact that none of the churches in Zimbabwe, not even the Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC), has taken a public stance to support us or simply to deplore lack of respect of court orders by the police! Again we thank you for all your prayer support and ask that you continue to remember us in your prayers.

God bless you all.

Following is the cited attachment:

Church of the Province of Central Africa
The Diocese of Harare

The Standing Committee, Diocesan Trustees
Diocesan Secretary, Education Secretary, Senate

From: The Bishop of Harare

9 Monmouth Road, Avondale, Harare
Tel: (04)308042

News Update as at 05 March 2010

Grace and Peace to you all from our Lord Jesus Christ.

Bishop Chad Gandiya has declared Friday 12 March 2010 as a Diocesan day of prayer
and fasting. All Clergy and Parishioners are encouraged to pray for the issues affecting
the Diocese especially the main court case ahead of us.

More trouble from Kunonga

Members of Clergy and Parishioners within the Diocese of Harare CPCA continue facing
harassment from Kunonga. He has gone to an extent of using his priests (in their religious
regalia) and hiring thugs to beat up faithful members of the CPCA. Below is a detailed
report from Rev Tendai Mandirahwe, Rector of St Luke’s Parish, Greendale:

On the 21st of February 2010, Kunonga priest Chisango arrived at St Luke’s Parish
when 7.30 am mass was underway. He was driving a Toyota Venture carrying bags of
mealie meal and firewood. He arrived when Fr Noel Alfon was consecrating the elements
and walked straight to the sanctuary. Fr Alfon invited people to receive communion and
soon after people walked out of the Church leaving the Kunonga priest in the sanctuary.
After CPCA parishioners had left some M.U. members from Kunonga faction started
arriving in commuter omni buses. Most of the people were coming from Dzivarasekwa,
Glenview, Kuwadzana, Chitungwiza, Glen Norah and other locations in Harare and
Chitungwiza. Amongst these people were thugs that were hired from Epworth to beat
people at St Luke’s Parish.

As usual, people came for 9.30 am mass and were shocked to see new faces at the church.
They stood outside in a state of shock. Later we took chairs from the Youth Hall and
Main Hall to the Rectory yard. We did our service peacefully in the presence of police
officers from Highlands Police Station. After mass the Officerñin-Charge of Highlands

Police Station instructed people to drive off their cars quietly and people complied. It was
after the departure of police officers and the congregation that Kunongaís priests,
Makowe, Mukariri and thugs confronted Mr Francis Sesedza (Caretaker of St Luke’s
Parish) near the Rectory gate and asked him to switch on the borehole pump yet there
was no power due to load shedding. I explained to them that it was due to power cuts that
there is no water at the entire complex and they insisted that they needed water and
started assaulting Sesedza. I instructed Sesedza to get inside the Rectory yard and
Makowe and his group followed him. Later the group was joined with more Kunonga
priests, David Kunyongana and the purported Bishop Alfred Munyanyi in their religious
regalia. Some more priests, Tandi and the thugs joined the Makowe violent team and
started beating Sesedza. Mr Sepe (security officer of the Parish) tried to stop them and
was assaulted using steel and wooden chairs. Sesedza ran away from them and they
followed him beating him using wooden chairs and anything at their disposal. He tried to
escape over the durawall and they pulled him down and continued to beat him. Sesedza
eventually escaped over the neighbour’s durawall. Mr Sepe’s two sons and two youths
were beaten by Munyanyi in his religious regalia, Makowe, Tandi and the hired thugs.
The thugs did all this after drinking two bottles of Breakers spirits bought from Spar
Shop, Rhodesville. After escaping Sesedza went to Highlands Police Station and came
back with police officers and the Officer-in-Charge. To our surprise, they did not arrest
the culprits. Dockets were opened at Highlands Police Station. Sesedza, Sepe and the
youths were taken to Parirenyatwa hospital for examination after they were attended to
by Dr Simba Makuni at Mr C.B Matiza residence.

While checking the injured at Matiza residence, I received a call that the thugs had
invaded the Rectory yard and were refusing parishioners and members of clergy who
were coming from Greendale and other sister parishes to enter the Rectory yard. They
refused the Diocesan Secretary Fr Clifford Dzavo to enter the Rectory gate and
threatened to destroy cars for Mr Freddy Saruchera, Mr Steven Kada and Rev Shepherd
Munzara. Fr Munzara and Mr Kada reported the case to Highlands Police Station and
came back with Police Officers who were given one hour lecture by Dr Norbert
Kunonga, Munyanyi and others. Later Kunonga people dispersed around 4.30 pm after
eating sadza while in the Rectory yard. Kunonga, Munyanyi, Makowe, and others
including Mrs Kunonga and Mrs Munyanyi remained behind. Later Munyanyi and
Kunonga drove to Highlands Police Station after the Officer-in-Charge instructed the
officers on the Parish to arrest Munyanyi. To our surprise, after few minutes they came
back and Munyanyi and went door to door telling residents that by the 1st of March 2010
we should vacate the premises. Herald reporters came to the Parish and we briefed them
of what had transpired. Thereafter we discovered that Kunonga and his followers had
looted all the pew Bibles, liturgies, Christmas carol service books, Shona and English
hymn books, kneelers, alter candle stands and candles, alter cloth and crosses and other
church hangings. They also put chains on all the doors of the Church and the Main Hall.
They left St Luke’s Parish at around 1830 hrs. I reported the incident to Highlands Police
Station and a Docket RRB 0863441 was opened. We came back from the Station with
one Police Officer to confirm if what we reported was true. In brief, that is what happened
on Sunday 21 February 2010 at St Luke’s Parish, Greendale.

Many thanks go to the Greendale parishioners, sister parishes and members of clergy who
reacted so swiftly during this time of trouble. They supported us such that we never felt
lonely. I also want to thank Highlands Officer ñin-Charge and Officers for their help
even though the culprits walked away scot-free.

New High Court Judgment

We are pleased to announce to you that the High Court of Zimbabwe has dismissed with
costs Kunonga’s application to enforce a provisional court order, declaring that his
church is the legitimate one with control over the property of the Anglican Diocese of
Harare CPCA. This entails that church properties do not belong to Kunonga therefore
CPCA members have right of access to properties. Consequently, we should continue to
share these properties in accordance with the Makarau Judgment until the final case on
property is heard.

A Conference for Church Leaders

All church leaders are being invited to attend a conference organized for them at River of
Life church, 11 Inverness Road, Eastlea (opposite Eastlea Spar). It is commencing on 24
March to 26 March 2010 at 11:30am. There will be no provision for children and lunch
will be served on Thursday only. There is no pre-registration, all are advised to arrive by
5pm on Wednesday and register for the conference. Accommodation and transport will
not be provided.

For further details please visit the website

Compiled by: The Diocesan Information Desk


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