Posted by: Titus Presler | February 3, 2010

Quick list of World Mission Sunday resources

The Episcopal Church’s World Mission Sunday, an annual observance since 1998, is designated for the Last Sunday after the Epiphany, this year on Feb. 14.  Congregations casting about for a quick way to access resources in world mission might find this list helpful:

• Bulletin Inserts produced by the Episcopal Church Center for World Mission Sunday.

• Episcopal Partnership for Global Mission website – EPGM is a major network of Episcopal organizations devoted to world mission.

• Global Episcopal Mission Network website – GEMN is a network of Episcopal dioceses with work in world mission.

• Partnerships Unit page on the Episcopal Church website – A bit thin at the moment, but with some basics.  Troll the Networking Unit page, where you will find notes on missionaries, as well as their blogs.  (The Church Center has reportedly been reorganized to put all these sorts of things in one administrative department, but the website evidently hasn’t caught up yet.)

Windows on Mission – An excellent video series on Episcopal missionaries produced in 2005 by Canon Jane Butterfield for the Mission Personnel Office, with the filming and editing by filmmaker Philip Carr.  Order form. – The 12 18-20-minute vignettes of Episcopal missionaries on several continents are arresting discussion-starters for parish groups.  A discussion guide is also available online.

Companions in Transformation: The Episcopal Church’s World Mission in a New Century – The world mission vision statement for the church, published in 2003 by the Standing Commission on World Mission.


Horizons of Mission by Titus Presler, vol. 11 in the The New Church’s Teaching Series – The closest to a world mission handbook for Episcopalians, designed specifically for congregational study groups as well as for general readers.

• The website of your own diocese, which in most cases has important material on what your diocese is doing in global mission in the Anglican Communion and beyond.

If you’re short on time, remember that World Mission Sunday is a movable feast: You can observe it in Lent or Ascensiontide as well.  The important thing is to lift it up in the life of your congregation.


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