Posted by: Titus Presler | November 11, 2009

“Alert for Signs” considers Advent through lens of world Christianity

Alert for Signs: Seeing and Praying through Advent, the booklet of meditations I wrote and Forward Movement published, continues to be available and may be of interest to mission activists and to parish clergy who would like to help parishioners connect with the wider world during Advent, which begins this year on Sunday, Nov. 29.

“God touching us uniquely in Jesus helps us see that God is a sign-giver, longing to be in touch with us through all the designs and textures of our lives,” reads the introduction.  “Titus Presler reflects on experience in parish ministry and the world church to explore how we can cultivate an alertness for signs of God’s presence in our lives.”

Mission is an undergirding theme in the booklet, with vignettes drawn from places like Cambridge and Vermont on one hand, and, on the other, Honduras, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Pakistan and India.  The daily meditations are a couple of pages long, and the booklet totals 47.  It’s $3 from Forward Movement, $2 each for 10 copies or more.

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